Low pressure casting machine - OG low pressure die casting machine

Magnesium low-pressure casting machine

They are a main part of a machine of the South Korean manufacture with the low-pressure casting machine for magnesium wheels supplied to South Korea at the end of 2011, a magnesium furnace (it develops by research in TOKAI and Osaka Research Institute), a covering gas mixing pressure device of Osaka Research Institute, and the equipment constituted by the urgent digestive system.

N2GAS casting machine

It is the inactive gas casting machine which carried out patent acquisition, and is an aluminum wheel casting machine at our company.
(There is also an object for cylinder heads.) Since the combustion gas of organic resin decreases in casting using a shell core, this feature will also be demonstrated if a resin kind change is made to sand-granules degree control.

liquid-metal-forging pressing machine

It is a liquid-metal-forging pressing machine for special uses.
It has structure which pressurizes a product portion by oil pressure directly.
I was allowed to develop a metallic mold and hot-water supply equipment collectively.
There is the feature whose defects, such as a shrinkage cavity, also decrease.

  • Magnesium low-pressure casting machine

Osaka giken are producing aluminium Low pressure casting machines and the other casting machines.

And we can supply you with Aluminium casting production engineering.


Low pressure casting machine - Aluminium low pressure die casting machine

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Low pressure casting machine - Aluminium low pressure die casting machine