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We are using CAE softwsare JS-CAST from Quorica Inc. for cating engineering.
The following is example.


   machine desighn/Thermal design
   metal flow
   gate design/cooling design
   mold cooling design
   casting condition
   better cating product quority

Low pressure casting

As shown in the figure,JS-CAST filling analysis adn solidification analysis functions can be used not only for product casting conditions but also for mold, core , stalk, holding furnace. etc..

Road wheel

By performing layer flow limit flow speed analysis using ADSTEFAN on the gate program analysis from JSCAST above, a new casting pressure idea for casting large wheels was created, and it was possible to find casting conditions that provided good productivity using 1 gate.

Large motor rotor

Example of using JSCAST's high-speed calculations for performing analysis of combinations of several conditions and performing optimization analysis of directional solidification.For large cast products, the solidification conditions and filling conditions are near the limit values for low-pressure aluminum casting; therefore, such products require extremely precise control of casting conditions.Product is used for rotor of large motors.

Cylinder head of side gate

This area of the cylinder head has a high defect ratio. The feeder head effect from the gate is interrupted, and areas of solidification blockage can be seen

It can be seen that the valve guide boss section also has areas where there is a high possibility that shrinkage porosity will be generated

- Countermeasures against defects

1.A temperature gradient between the gate side and the side opposite the gate is provided for the purpose of directional solidification

   Before adding cooling             Cooling added

  Main runner temp 540 c ---------------------- 650 c

2.Shape is modified to provide feeder head.

    Before adding rib ---------------------- Rib added

  Before increasing gate height --------Gate height increased

By adding cooling, maintaining runner temperature, adn increasing gate height, it is clear that the defects will be improved.

When molten metal flows from the gate to the runners, the phenomenon that the leading edge of the molten metal dips slightly due to the heat quantity of the runner section, so that the flow of molten metal is not smooth.By maintaining the runner temperature, this phenomenon was improved.

Based on the analysis trends, the following countermeasures were determined for the cylinder head side gate program:
1. Increase cooling on the side opposite the gate to increase the temperature gradient, and use a casting removal pin or similar object for increased cooling.
2. Since the feeder head effect from the gate is blocked in the runner section, maintain the temperature using runner sleeves, burners, etc.
3. Create a feeder head path by increasing the side gate height to the middle deck height.

Gravity casting

As shown in the figure at left, the inclined casting filling analysis function of JSCAST was used to perform filling analysis in the molten-metal supply funnel and within the form and set the inclined speed on the inclined-type casting machine according to the results, and molten-metal behavior analysis for inside the funnel was performed to determine the inclusion of oxides and molten-metal supply method. In addition, the feeder head program for the form was determined by solidification analysis, and the cooling speed display function was used, DAS2 distribution was predicted.

Diesel engine cylinder head

By using the cooling speed display function of JSCAST, the DAS2 distribution resulting from the cooling speed at the 577° point after a-phase precipitation satisfied the material specifications submitted by the automobile manufacturer.

Quenching after solution

We use the thermal conduction analysis function of JSCAST and perform thermal analysis at the time of quenching after the aluminum solution.

Manufacturing mold and casting trials

We can supply mold manufacturing and casting trials.


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