Low pressure casting machine - OG low pressure die casting machine

Low pressure casting machine.

Through our company's experience over many years, we have mainly learned low-pressure casting technology for aluminum alloys.

LPDC machine's motion.
Following is a basic action of Low pressure casting machine. Red color is Aluminium, Yellow color is air.
  1. Closing die
  2. supplying air
  3. cooling
  4. exhaust
  5. Opening die
  6. Ejecting

OG LPDC machine's features.

In conventional low-pressure casting machine, casting pressure control is performed by switching an electromagnetic valve, but it was not possible to smoothly switch pressures or to create a linear curve during switching.
However, by using a servo valve controlled by a microcomputer, it became possible to create castings with higher accuracy. In addition, it also enabled data collection for controlling casting conditions.
For low-pressure casting, repeated definite, accurate control of pressure is extremely important for product quality. This servo system, with microcomputer control and feedback control, provides unprecedented pressure control, making it ideal for products that have complicated shapes or use cores.


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Low pressure casting machine - Aluminium low pressure die casting machine