Low pressure casting machine - OG low pressure die casting machine


Our company is located in Matsubara in southern Osaka, which is known from ancient times as the home of Kawachi casting experts.

Since our founding, there have been many customer casting foundries in the surrounding area, manking it an environment which people can talk about casting every day, and we have grown through learning casting technology from our customer.

In addition to sales of light-alloy casting equipment, the origin of our company's casting technology is in this environment.

We hope this homepage just help the world casting culture to be developed.

Ryuzo ohde / President

About us.

Company name OSAKA GIKEN Co.,Ltd.
Obori 3-11-12,Matsubara,Osaka,Japan
TEL 072-333-7288
FAX 072-333-2113
E-mail ogabcxyz@basil.ocn.ne.jp
Established Jan,1964
Business content Manufacturing and sales of aluminium casting equipment and related equipment
Capitalization 10 million
Representative President / Ryuzo Ohde
Number of employees 17
Fiscal term ends Dec-31
Business office Ulsan office (Korea)
Taipei office (Taiwan)

Our history.

1964 Osaka Giken Co., Ltd. established in Hirano-ku,OsakaStart of designing various types of exclusive
hydraulic/pneumatic manufacturing equipment, hydraulic pump units, hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, and cylinders for casting molds, as well as manufacture and sales of insert fixtures for casting.
1976年 Developed and started manufacture of a new type of non-crucible type low-pressure casting equipment for the first time in Japan.
1982年 Completed new office building in Matsubara, Osaka Pref.; Moved office to new location.
1987年 Started development of mold cooling system (computerized) for casting Developed molten-metal flow sensor for molds. (Patented)
1992年 Received recognition from Foundation for Osaka Research Enterprise Companies (FORECS) system.
Developed high-pressure differential casting system.
Developed furnace-pressurization type supply system.
1996年 Developed plastic low-melting-point metal core and photolithographic-core manifold. (Patented)
Developed tumble-blow gasoline direct-injection cylinder head mold and casting system.Developed plastic intake manifold core liquefaction method.
1998年 Started development of low-pressure casting machine system for compound materials (matrix AL).
Developed simple inert-atmosphere low-pressure casting system. (Patented)
2002年 Developed inert gas casting machine.
2007年 Developed low cost low pressure casting machine.


Osaka giken are producing aluminium Low pressure casting machines and the other casting machines.

And we can supply you with Aluminium casting production engineering.



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Low pressure casting machine - Aluminium low pressure die casting machine